Garden closes early Dec. 8-10 at 4 p.m. With Last Admission at 3 p.m. Due to Las Noches De Las Luminarias.

Butterfly Exhibit

New seasonal exhibit opening spring 2017.

The Maxine and Jonathan Marshall Butterfly Pavilion closed in the spring of 2015. The Garden will open a new seasonal butterfly exhibit in March 2017. The expanded, new butterfly exhibit will incorporate a caterpillar nursery and emergence chamber to let visitors view all stages of a butterfly’s life. The exhibit will feature significant educational displays about the butterfly life cycle, pollination and how to create a butterfly friendly garden.

Did you know the Garden is designated a Colossal Monarch Waystation? We have more than 20 different species of butterfly that can be found in the Garden on our trails. Come visit us to see butterflies fluttering around our plants as you take in the beauty of the desert. Each fall and spring, we have butterfly-related activities including family classes, butterfly walks, and a live caterpillar display. Check our Events calendar for more information.

The Saguaro Initiative

The new butterfly pavilion is part of The Saguaro Initiative. The Saguaro Initiative is the Garden’s current program to renew and build exhibits, expand education opportunities, provide regional leadership, lay the groundwork for future plans and to continue solidify the Garden financial health. Read more about the butterfly pavilion initiative, along with the other initiatives.