Garden closes early Dec. 8-10 at 4 p.m. With Last Admission at 3 p.m. Due to Las Noches De Las Luminarias.

Media Center

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Media Center:

This information is designed for use by members of the media to access Garden fact sheets, the latest press releases and to request high-resolution images and b-roll. Information is also available about location shooting and scheduling media visits.
Contact the Marketing Department at 480 481.8101 or with any questions, or see our other media resouces:

Location Shooting

We understand the desire to use the Desert Botanical Garden as a location for filming and photo shoots. We receive many more requests than we can accommodate and we do our best to be helpful, but we have limited resources. Because of our limited resources, most requests cannot be fulfilled. If you have questions, please email or call 480 481.8101.
There are many regional desert parks such as Papago Park, South Mountain and McDowell Sonoran Preserve. To contact City of Phoenix Parks, call 602 261.8318. To contact McDowell Mountain Preserve, call 480 312.3111.
If you are interested in wedding photography at the Garden, click here.

Media Visits

Media visit requests should be made as early as possible so necessary arrangements can be made ahead of time. Please email or call 480 481.8101 to arrange a visit.
Please note that complimentary passes are issued to media working on assignment only and cannot be extended to media on leisure visits.

Media Contact

There’s always something new going on at the Desert Botanical Garden and the Marketing Department at the Garden is happy to provide you with additional information, photography, video footage, fact checking, and interviews for your story.
For assistance, please contact:
John Sallot
Director of Marketing
480 481.8101