I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new Desert Botanical Garden Blog. Creating a blog has been a recurring idea for years. We are thrilled it has come to fruition. 
In between the Ottosen Entry Garden and the Desert Terrace Garden there is an unassuming concrete wall etched with the words: Conservation, Research, Exhibition and Education. As with the wall, these four pillars of our mission are ingrained in everything the Garden does. While the casual visitor may overlook these words, the wall stands tall and strong, showing its presence to every person who walks through the gate, in the same way our mission does. 
Just as the concrete wall brings to light the Garden’s four pillars, so will this blog bring to light our efforts in research and conservation, work that is sometimes overlooked because it is not obvious to our guests. In future posts, we will highlight the conservation efforts that are more important now than ever before, and the research projects that strengthen the core of the Garden. This blog will be a window into the behind-the-scenes world of how our four pillars have shaped the Garden  
We are eager to share our stories with you in a fresh way. We welcome your thoughts, input and questions. 
Happy reading! 
Ken Schutz
The Dr. William Huizingh Executive Director